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To make the Earth a Garden of Eden
This website is a meeting place for those who live in Angelica
and those who share the same vision of the World :
making the Earth a global Garden of Eden.

"Together, human beings have the keys of Heaven on Earth.
The challenge is to know it, to want to bring them together and to get down to work."

From the Heart,
Claire  pangaia love abundancia  Christophe

We belong to a generation who has been early preoccupated by ecological and environmental challenges. Through our cursus as agro-scientists and personal investigations, we progressively realised that the Earth was an Edenic Garden in process.

Travelling with our children, we lived in several paradisiacal places, as it exists all over the world. It inspired us to create our own Garden of Eden, where we settled in 2009, near Samaipata in Bolivia.

This website is an invitation to follow us, to become involved in the dynamic "To make the Eart a Garden of Eden".

In 2012, we started a LOCAL business, Angelica nursery, offering a wilde range of plants and other servicies as advice and garden design. Learn more...

VNP It completes a GLOBAL activity of self-edited authors, that allows us to share our experience and discoveries. Learn more...

claire End 2017, bad smells at water tap while watering our plants made us look for the reasons of that perduring trouble.

Claire kept working hard for producing huge amount of plants to be commercialized.

On my side, I contacted the local water cooperative, in order to see what is going on and offer my help in order to improve water quality.

It became the beginning of a personal commitment to improve global life quality in Samaipata Community, as Living Well Facilitator.


Agua VivaA plurianual plan to improve water quality in Samaipata, water supply and waste water treatment.

See dedicated page (in Spanish)


Nacer en Paz"Nacer en Paz y Bienestar - Samaipata" project. A Birth Center for natural and peacefull birth in Samaipata public hospital, designed from personal experience and supported by local community.

See dedicated page


An Eco Center in Samaipata to structure and boost local market for organic and derivated products for health and body care. The project will inclued a restaurant, a shop, a bakery, a productive garden, our nursery. Location : the property where we have been hiring a 80 sqm for the nursery for over 2 years. Great location for the village and nice enclosed 7000 sqm property.

The first step will be to purchase the property. People interested to be part of the project can contact me here

Other commitments

- organizing local plants growers, lobbying for the reform of a national law about agricultural products and food control - in favor of agrosystems resilience and rethinking microorganisms place in our symbiotic lives

- creating a local law against wireless antennas and promoting landlines and network connections

- designing a project of recreational area around an existing lagoon located into urban area, Lagoon Villazón.

- elevating men through education : applying Natural Education in Samaipata, by adapting Mindvalley proposal to the future Eco University

- envisioning Samaipata footprint : an investigation and projection to 2050 of a vision for a sustainable multi-lifestyle in the Municipality of Samaipata.

YOU CAN BE INVOLVED in the dynamic "To make the Earth a Garden of Eden", RIGHT NOW by

= making a donation to support our projects. See each project cost and donations options here.

= engage yourself in a transformational process starting here (in French)


g77 My present mission is to be a local Facilitator for the New World Order of Living Well proclaimed by the G77+China and included in Bolivian Constitution.

see G77+China Declaration 15/06/2014

urantiaI have a commitment to anchor the New World of Light and Life in Samaipata Gaia - Heart spot by

see Urantia's Book revelations

mindvalley... articulating Education with Location,
making of Samaipata cosmopolite community a transformational social spot for the New World based on Love, Personal Growth, Fraternity and Solidarity.

see Mindvalley educational dínamic

D'une vie à l'autre

...keeping acting for Social evolution, in the continuum of existence.

see my book "The heir of Jean Jaques Rousseau"
(in French, to be translated)


Samaipata, a place flowered all over the year

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